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Testing Mavens

IT Services and IT Consulting

The UI is simple from a layperson's perspective. It is user-friendly and can be used without product demos or training.
Muhamed Rafiyudin K
HR & Operations Specialist
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Travancore Analytics

Software Development

Lateral candidates are difficult to gauge with Google Meet interviews. With Evalgator Interviews, we were able to hire top-notch candidates.
Akhil A Pillai

The UI is simple from a layperson's perspective. It is user-friendly and can be used without product demos or training.

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Muhamed Rafiyudin K
HR & Operations Specialist

The support we received from the Evalgator team during one of our campus drives was exemplary.

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Prem Kiran
HR & Sr. Talent Acquisition Specialist

Evalgator as a tool has been a life saver as it gives us the right way to analyze, evaluate and hire the right candidates at all levels.

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Anasuya Vijayan
Senior HR Executive

We used Evalgator Assessments for our campus drive. It is very easy to use and proved useful in identifying the right talent.

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Akhil A Pillai



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Improvement in
user experience

All-in-one talent assessment solution

Evalgator can be easily customized for various assessment needs, both pre- and post-hiring.

Campus recruitment

    Organize mass drives with zero hassle. Ensure tamper-free assessments using remote proctoring and robust cheat-proof mechanisms.
  • On- and off-campus drives
  • Open assessments
  • Automated scoring and shortlisting
  • Highly scalable

Campus recruitment


Lateral hiring

    Evaluate experienced candidates using role-specific assessments and in-depth interviews.
  • Tech and non-tech assessments
  • Collaborative code editor and fast compiler
  • Real-time candidate evaluation

Lateral hiring


Employee assessment

    Give your learning and development programs the impetus they need by leveraging a user-friendly assessment platform.
  • Post-training quizzes
  • Departmental tests
  • Coding competitions
  • Policy compliance assessments

Employee assessment


Pre-hire training

    Evaluate your students' progress and ensure they are job-ready using industry-specific skill assessments.
    Ideal for:
  • Finishing schools
  • Ed-tech companies
  • Placement cells
  • Training centers

Pre-hire training


Virtual lab

    Modernize lab exams and assignments. Prep students for campus placements.
  • Online execution and evaluation of lab exams
  • Anywhere, anytime access to lab for students
  • Free question library

Virtual lab

Trusted by many

Screen and shortlist in 3 easy steps

Evalgator's user-friendly interface makes it easy to design custom assessments with different question types. You can create assessments for both technical and non-technical job roles and set questions with varying levels of difficulty.

Remote proctoring has never been this easy! Face monitoring ensures that only registered candidates appear for your tests. A host of anti-cheat measures built into the platform makes it difficult for candidates to manipulate the system.

The platform gets you the results and shortlists candidates as soon as an assessment is complete. You can also assess candidate performance on individual questions and make informed decisions regarding specific skill sets.

Remote interviews with


Schedule interviews from the assessment portal or ATS, or start a new one. Tailor questions based on candidate profile and/or performance.


Conduct slick technical interviews with live collaborative coding sessions, ready-to-use code snippets, whiteboard, and text.


Rate candidate performance while the interview is in progress. With Evalgator's fast compiler, you can assess coding skills easily.

Curate a plan for your company

Hiring fewer than 500 candidates or more? Pay for just what you need; nothing more, nothing less. Our online assessment plans can be tailor-fit to your needs.

As low as

$2 /candidate

Interview candidates anywhere on the globe keeping your cost to hire low. Get a personalized pricing plan that matches your hiring plans.

As low as

$1 /candidate

Get a custom quote.

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Frequently asked questions

Who can use Evalgator?

The platform is ideal for both large and medium IT and ITeS companies. That said, it can be easily adapted by other industries as well. The assessments can be customized for your company or industry according to your screening requirements.

Why should I choose Evalgator over other products?

First, it's flexible: It has a host of features that you can easily adapt for your company. Second, it's fast: You can create assessments quickly and generate results as soon as the assessments are done. Third, it's not as pricey as our competitors; you can hire top-tier talent for a fraction of the cost. Last but not the least, is the user experience. Candidates consistently marked out the platform for its superior experience.

What type of support do you provide?

For recruiters, a dedicated support team is available throughout the sales journey and post-sales to address their specific queries. Our support page is also a great resource for recruiters.

For candidates, live chat support is available during assessments in case they run into technical issues. Candidates can raise a ticket on the candidate portal and solutions are typically offered in a few minutes. The number of chat support users available to candidates depends on the recruiter's subscription plan.

Is there a free trial?

Yes, Evalgator is completely free for 15 days, starting from the date of registration. Thereafter, you can continue using the platform by choosing a suitable subscription plan.

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