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Employee assessment
software for post-hire

Assess the expertise and skills of your employees accurately.

Ideal for post-hire

Post-training quizzes

Create multi-format assessments to reinforce learning, evaluate training effectiveness, and improve overall training outcomes.

Departmental tests

Identify areas where employees need improvement by conducting competency-specific assessments.

Coding competitions

Test the competitive coding skills and real-world problem-solving abilities of developers in your organization.

Compliance assessments

Test your employees' knowledge of compliance-related policies and regulations to strengthen compliance risk management.

Manage your internal assessments
with ease

Easy assessment creation

An easy-to-use user interface makes assessment creation fairly simple. All departments including L&D can easily adopt the platform for their assessment needs.

Flexible scheduling

By creating open assessments with multiple time slots, you can give employees the flexibility to attend them at their convenience, without disrupting their work.

Professional coding environment

With a collaborative code editor, fast compiler, and support for leading programming languages, Evalgator serves as a robust platform for coding contests.

Instant result generation

The time from test to insight is significantly reduced as scoring is automated. Instant results make it easy to implement skill development programs at the pace required by your organization.

Affordably priced employee
evaluation software

Our pricing plans are tailored to the needs of your organization.

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