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Simplify lab exam management with our comprehensive online assessment solution.

How Evalgator transforms lab-based learning

Online lab exams and assignments

Enable students to conveniently complete lab exams and assignments remotely.

Anytime, anywhere access to the lab

Provide students with unrestricted access to virtual lab environments, and help them practice anywhere.

Free question library

Access a wide range of pre-existing questions and effortlessly create new ones.

Enhance student assessments through virtual lab

Easy assessment creation

Easily create the assessment or assignment you want—be it to test your students’ problem-solving or critical thinking capabilities or work integrated learning. Easy-to-use templates, a range of customization options, and automated workflows help you design, schedule, and coordinate exams without a hitch.

Quick performance reports

Automatically generate reports and provide instant feedback to students as soon as an assessment or exam is complete. Evalgator’s auto-scoring feature eliminates the need for manual scoring and ensures a fair evaluation by consistently applying a predetermined set of rules to assess performance.

Trustworthy results

Ensure exam integrity using Evalgator’s cheat detection and prevention capabilities. Depending on the requirement, you can make use of features like AI-enabled remote face monitoring, secure exam browser, plagiarism checker, question randomization, and a host of other anti-cheating measures.

Professional coding environment

Transform the exam experience for candidates with Evalgator's professional coding environment, which features a collaborative code editor and a fast compiler. The software ensures a smooth coding experience and helps students showcase their coding and debugging abilities effectively.

Continuous evaluation

Create a dynamic learning environment based on continuous and comprehensive evaluation of students, instead of relying on end-of-term exams. Evalgator simplifies the process of conducting ongoing assessments, ensures timely feedback, facilitates remediation by actively engaging students in learning.

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