Robust Lateral Hiring Software | Evalgator

Recruitment software for efficient lateral hiring

Find experienced candidates faster using Evalgator as your lateral hiring solution.

How Evalgator supports lateral hiring

Role-specific assessments

Get an all-round view of your candidates' skills, strengths, personality traits, etc.

Real-time coding interviews

Gauge the candidates' technical acumen and real-world problem solving skills.

Transparent hiring process

Eliminate unconscious bias using standardized tests and auto-scoring.

Robust platform for hiring experienced hands

Diverse evaluation tools

Questions tools such as coding, weighted MCQ, video, descriptive enable a comprehensive assessment of candidates' competency and potential fit.

Psychometric question library

A ready stock of psychometric questions makes it easier for you to assess the candidates' strategic thinking, problem-solving skills, etc.

Assessment slot flexibility

Multiple exam time slots can be created automatically and slot-wise registrations can be tracked easily on a single dashboard.

Integrated development environment

A collaborative code editor and fast compiler make top-notch real-time technical interviews possible on Evalgator.

priced lateral recruitment software

Optimize your lateral hiring ROI with Evalgator.

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