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Prepare students for career success through comprehensive assessments and tailored training programs

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How Evalgator supports
employability assessment

Holistic view of job-readiness

A wide range of tests can be conducted to evaluate both technical and soft skills essential for employment.

Continuous student evaluations

You can empower students to reach their full potential by identifying and addressing their learning gaps.

Active engagement in learning

Combined with an interactive learning environment, Evalgator can encourage student participation and engagement.

Who can use our tool

Training centers

Upskill students through targeted training programs.

Ed-tech companies

Accelerate student skill development.

Finishing schools

Enhance students’ soft skills and career prospects.

Placement cells

Ensure optimal campus placements.

Product features

Flexible question formats

Evalgator supports different question formats, such as multiple-choice, fill-in-the-blanks, coding, etc., to comprehensively assess students’ job-readiness.

Professional coding environment

Evalgator offers a professional coding environment for students to develop practical coding and debugging skills, and enhance their programming capabilities.

Automated scoring

The platform's auto-scoring feature takes the hassle out of continuous evaluation. Trainers can focus on identifying knowledge gaps and developing student skills.

Trustworthy results

The integrity of assessments is assured through built-in cheat-resistance measures such as question randomization, disabled copy-paste functionality, etc.

Affordable pre-employment assessment software

Experience the power of pre-hire assessments without budgetary constraints.

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