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Refer and Earn with Evalgator

Earn 10% of the invoices for the first 5 years. Share your referral link and start earning.
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Start Earning in 3 Easy Steps

You can earn a share of our revenue by promoting Evalgator on digital platforms and generating leads for our business. Once your lead becomes a paying customer, you get 10% of the invoice for the first 5 years.

1. Sign up

Sign up to create your unique referral link.

2. Recommend

Share the referral link on relevant platforms.

3. Earn

Earn 10% of the invoices for the first 5 years on all leads that convert.

How to Refer Evalgator

Your unique referral link is the key! Share the link on online platforms of your choice.

Social Media Platforms

Post the link on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn.

Blogs and Websites

Create a hyperlink in a blog post or webpage.

Email Marketing

Email the referral link to your contacts.

Online Communities

Drop the link in online forums.


Publish ads on Google Ads or Facebook Ads.


Add the referral link to your business directory.

Product Review Sites

List the product on review sites along with your referral link.

Tools to Manage Your Referrals


Optimize your referral activities with a detailed view of your performance, link clicks, conversions, and commissions.


Track the performance and success of your referral marketing with the help of comprehensive reports.

Share your referral link and get paid.

Frequently asked questions

Who can participate in the referral program?

You are welcome to join the program if you are a client, product reviewer, blogger, influencer, social media marketer, webmaster, or directory owner. Participation will be bound by the terms and conditions of the program.

What are leads?

Leads are prospective customers who are interested in purchasing Evalgator. This includes recruiting agencies, IT and non-IT companies, HR consultants, educational institutions, finishing schools, etc.

How do you identify my referrals?

You will receive a unique referral ID when you sign up for our program. All your referral links will have this ID. When someone visits our website via your referral link and submits an inquiry, our affiliate system will recognize your unique referral ID and map the inquiry to your account.

How will I know if someone has used my referral link?

You can track the status of your referrals on the referral program dashboard.

How will I be paid?

Payments are made via bank transfer or wire transfer. You can choose your payment option when you sign up. The options available may differ based on your geographic location.

Terms and Conditions

  • You must be at least 18 years of age to register in our referral program.
  • All promotional materials should adhere to our branding guidelines.
  • The referral program should not be used for any illegal or unauthorized purposes.
  • For full details, refer to the terms of the QBurst Business Referral Program.