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Evalgator Assessments
Online assessment platform for comprehensive candidate evaluation.
Evalgator Interviews
Online coding interview tool for developer interviews.
Evalgator Recruit
AI-powered applicant tracking system to streamline your hiring process.
Evalgator Screener
AI-based video interview tool to automate candidate screening.

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Our success story
Taashee Linux Services
IT Services and IT Consulting
The support we received from the Evalgator team during one of our campus drives was exemplary.

Prem Kiran

HR & Sr. Talent Acquisition Specialist
Travancore Analytics
Software Development
Lateral candidates are difficult to gauge with Google Meet interviews. With Evalgator Interviews, we were able to hire top-notch candidates.

Akhil A Pillai

NKORR Technologies
Software Development
Evalgator as a tool has been a life saver as it gives us the right way to analyze, evaluate and hire the right candidates at all levels.

Anasuya Vijayan

Senior HR Executive
Testing Mavens
IT Services and IT Consulting
The UI is simple from a layperson’s perspective. It is user-friendly and can be used without product demos or training.

Muhamed Rafiyudin K

HR & Operations Specialist
10,000 +
110,000 +
5,000 +

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