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Online coding interview tool

Assess on-the-job skills of tech candidates using Evalgator's collaborative code editor and fast compiler.

Featured-packed interview platform

Everything you need to conduct comprehensive developer interviews in leading programming languages.

Coding languages

Evaluate skills in C, C#, CPP, Dart, Go, Java, JavaScript, Kotlin, PHP, Python, Ruby, Swift, and TypeScript.

SQL queries

Assess SQL knowledge by running queries against MySQL database.


Use the whiteboard for diagrammatic representations during the interview.

Multiple tabs

Run multiple coding sessions simultaneously in any of the supported languages.

Private fiddle

Privately execute and evaluate code without impacting an active session.

Session Save

Save interview sessions for future reference.

Use pre-defined code snippets

Prepare code snippets beforehand and pull them up on the code editor quickly using the search function during the interview. Using ready-to-use code snippets will buy you more time to interview the candidate. The snippets can be reused in the future to considerably save on prep time.


Easily share your code snippets with your colleagues using the code snippet sharing feature. These snippets can be cloned and customized depending on the interview requirements. This collaborative approach not only helps your team build on each other’s insights but also enhances your organization’s interviewing efficiency.

Get detailed coding history

The entire coding activity of candidates is captured during the interview, which can then be played back to evaluate the candidate’s coding proficiency, style, speed, propensity for errors, debugging capability, approach to debugging, etc

hassle-free hand-off

You can share the coding interview sessions with the next level of interviewers, giving them full visibility into the interview process. Subsequent interviewers can preview the saved sessions and plan their own interview questions based on the previous round.

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